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When a family comes to therapy, it is important to first try to understand the problem from the viewpoint of all of the individuals involved. A parent's view of the issue may be far different than how a child sees the difficulties the family is experiencing. It is helpful to see how the family interacts to assist in the process of defining the actual difficulties.

During our therapy sessions, we listen to each member of the family and together we explore each family member's perspective. As a marriage and family therapist I have been trained to work with the entire family, and in my years of experience, I have worked with many families and with a variety of issues. I think you will find my approach to be friendly, fair and welcoming.

Coming to family therapy can change the equation in the family process. I can help to highlight the issues and frame viewpoints in a way that can be better heard, taken in and understood by others. In between sessions, the family explores their process in the family context. This exploration helps individuals to better understand their role in the family and the problem.

To create a problem-solving environment, I will work to make the sessions safe for everyone to share. In therapy we pull back the layers. Some of the ability to progress quickly relies on the therapy atmosphere being conducive to change. When others are able to share freely, honestly and without retribution, positive change often occurs more quickly. As a family begins to function better, time between sessions may be spaced further apart.

Please call me at 203 437-2161, email with contact information, or complete the request for contact form so we can schedule an appointment and get started. I look forward to hearing from you.
The aim of family therapy is to benefit the family relationship. I am here to raise your awareness, provide support, and help create movement toward change so that goals can be reached.

I am a client centered therapist. This means that I work closely with you, listen to your needs and wants. We work together to better understand and tackle the problem(s) you are having.

"All happy families resemble one another, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." ~Leo Tolstoy