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Couples usually decide to reach out for therapy because their relationship is in distress. Research shows that many couples are unhappy with their marriage for a number of years before they seek the help of a professional. Research also supports the benefit of couples therapy. In a troubled relationship, it can be very difficult for both individuals to have an unbiased perspective. I will help to clarify the issues and support both partners in the exchange of feelings and emotions that will serve as a positive step toward deeper understanding.

If you feel your partnership is in trouble, please know that help is only a phone call away. It is often true that the man is the one who is most resistant to therapy. As a man, I understand this and I will work to create a comfortable atmosphere to encourage both partners to be open and share. Together we will set relationship goals and I will guide the couple through the challenges in reaching them.

The sooner couples come in for help the sooner we can get your marriage back on track. If it is determined that it is too late, mediation services can assist in having a separation that will have the least negative impact.

Considering counseling is a big step. It represents wanting something better than what currently exists. By contemplating getting help, positive steps toward meaningful changes in your relationship and your future are being set into motion. Embarking on therapy sooner rather than later will help ensure your marriage has the tools needed for relationship success. I look forward to hearing from you!

Please call me at 203 437-2161, email, or submit your contact information so we can schedule an appointment and get started. I look forward to hearing from you.
All the theory, training, education and experience fail if the client cannot connect and feel supported by the mental health professional that they have sought out for help.

Therapy begins through the safety and trust we develop in our relationship together.

"Revolutionizing your marriage isn't as simple as learning new touch techniques, improving your communication skills,
or rescheduling your time priorities. It involves growing."
~ David Schnarch PhD, Passionate Marriage